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Find and share answers faster with Senexx for Yammer!
  • Sync your Yammer profile with LinkedIn to automatically share your expertise and interests with coworkers across the company.
  • Curate your questions by automatically tagging them with relevant topics on Yammer that make it easy for experts to find and answer.
  • Instantly notify relevant experts of your questions on Yammer for faster responses.
Analyze expertise using your LinkedIn profile

A completed expertise & interests details exposes you to the relevant groups and coworkers and helps you reach the most relevant information for your job. Senexx automatically suggest which groups you should join or create.

Automatically adds topics to questions

Topics can be used to track messages around a certain topic. If a colleague is following a certain topic, but isn't necessarily following you, adding a relevant topic allows for others to discover your post.

Automatically mentions relevant coworkers

The notifications feature is designed to call the most relevant coworkers attention to your questions, whether they follow you or not. Increasing the probability of you getting the answer you need.

Start leveraging company's experts via your Yammer!
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Companies that trust Senexx
European Aviation Safety Agency
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jungo Connectivity
Marvell Technology Group
Model N
SRI International
UN - United Nations
RSA Broker
What customers are saying about Senexx

“One of my employees answered a question by his E-mail without¬†even realizing¬†he was using Senexx SolvePath”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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