SolvePath Solution for Professional Services

SolvePath can facilitate your consultants' responses to business requirements and grant them easy access to previously answered questions. SolvePath also enhances collaboration between geographically dispersed teams and help them keep up-to-date with product releases and latest industry trends.

  • Store answers to important technical questions in one searchable and editable place
  • Eliminate duplicate questions
  • Identify best answers by using a ranking system
  • Identify new experts within your team by tracking users' activities
  • Use semantic search capabilities to quickly find related questions
  • Enhance your team's collaboration
  • Keep answers accurate and current
  • Improve mobility and productivity by using SolvePath's mobile device integration
  • Increase customer satisfaction!

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“We used Yammer, but we decided to look for something a bit more focused. We chose Senexx!”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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