Senexx, the revolutionary Social Enterprise Q&A Platform, gives medium and large knowledge organizations the power to reduce duplicated work and knowledge erosion with NLP technology. Senexx's customers are experiencing increase in productivity and effectiveness in closing new opportunities and renewing existing ones, and a decrease in development and customer support costs.

  • 1/30/2013

    IT in Canada

    Senexx introduces SolvePath

    This scenario might sound quite familiar: after receiving an assignment at work, you begin hunting through your email or social business platform to connect with the people you need to get the job done. With luck, you will be able to find that information quickly and with little or no aggravation. Many employees are not so lucky and waste valuable time and effort searching for what they need. Senexx, a company that develops internal Q&A platforms, aims to change that situation with SolvePath.

  • 1/28/2013

    Network World

    Products of the week 1.28.13: SolvePath

    SolvePath is an enterprise questions and answers collaboration platform that empowers businesses to provide their employees with fast, easy access to critical knowledge and expertise within their organization. SolvePath combines natural language processing and big data technologies to provide a new way to help corporate employees find information and subject matter experts quickly and easily.

  • 1/22/2013

    Yahoo! Finance

    SolvePath Transforms Enterprise Q&A Space With Natural Language Processing and Big Data Technologies

    Senexx, Inc. today announced the availability of SolvePath, a breakthrough enterprise questions and answers (Q&A) collaboration platform that empowers businesses to provide their employees with fast, easy access to critical knowledge and expertise within their organization. SolvePath is a cloud-based solution that helps eliminate the obstacle of finding a subject matter expert or the right piece of information hidden within the massive volumes of "big data" that exist in today's corporate enterprises. Unlike existing Social Business Software (SBS) systems that force users to spend time going through videos, files and other content to find the answers to specific questions, SolvePath uses advanced Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to provide a targeted solution to the information consumption problem.

  • 1/22/2013


    Enterprise Q&A from Senexx

    Senexx has launched SolvePath, an enterprise questions-and-answers collaboration platform that is designed to give quick, easy access to knowledge and expertise within an organization. SolvePath uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to provide a targeted solution to information consumption.

    SolvePath is said to enable users to ask questions in natural language, explore topics and find experts directly from their organization’s existing e-mail, instant messaging or internal social networks. In addition, SolvePath also integrates with popular social business networks such as Yammer, with which the company has a technology partnership, and LinkedIn. Senexx also offers custom integrations with other leading CRM, knowledge management and social business software platforms.

  • 1/22/2013


    SolvePath’s Enterprise Q&A Platform Is Fluent in Business Jargon

    Today, Senexx Inc.has announced the launch of SolvePath, an internal Q&A platform for businesses. Employees using the tool will be able to ask a question in complete sentences and find the answers from within their company’s email, instant messaging, or internal social networks.

    With semantic search and text analysis capabilities, SolvePath is designed to understand language better than a search engine that relies on keywords.

  • 6/28/2012


    במסדרונות של Yammer

    לפני כחודשיים הודיעה סנקסס על שותפות עסקית עם חברת יאמר. חודשיים ועשרות לקוחות חדשים לאחר מכן, אני שמח להביא כאן בפניכם קצת ממה שקורה בימים אלו במסדרונות יאמר, ולדבר קצת על התעשייה המתפתחת. לאור השותפות בחודשים האחרונים אנו זוכים לעבוד עם לקוחות יאמר - חברות ייעוץ, טכנולוגיה מתקדמת, פיננסים, שירותים ועוד - על בסיס יומי. סיפורי ההצלחה בארגונים אלו מסחררים - תוצאות כמו גידול במכירות, הקטנת ההוצאות על תמיכה בלקוחות, הגדלת הפיתוח והחדשנות בארגון ועוד. בעזרת השימוש בטכנולוגיה של סנקסס חוסכות חברות בנוסף עד 50% בזמן לקבלת תשובות ומציאת המידע החיוני על מנת לבצע את המטלות השונות.

  • 6/24/2012


    Inside Upwest Labs, The Startup Accelerator That Brings Israel To Silicon Valley [TCTV]

    Senexx is a social Q&A platform aimed to be used internally at enterprises. It allows co-workers to quickly ask and answer work-related questions. The site, which graduated out of Upwest’s first class this past spring, just unveiled a big integration with Yammer.

    Senexx CEO, Zeevi Michael, interviewed for TechCrunch TV from Senexx Inc on Vimeo.

  • 4/25/2012


    Yammer Adds Six New Partner Integrations

    Among the other partners is startup Senexx, the Techstars Boston and more recently UpWest Labs graduate that identifies expertise within enterprises. The partnership allows Yammer users to ask a question within their company’s Yammer network, and Senexx’s system will redirect the question to the person within that network who is best suited to answer it. Senexx uses LinkedIn’s API to populate and identify a user’s expertise, and provides this data to Yammer users through their language processing technology.

    Senexx identifies time as the one resource that all companies and their employees wish they had more of. According to Michel, often in a professional setting an employee will hit a roadblock where they need to ask someone else in the organization to help them solve a problem. The issue, however, is that it can often take hours or days to identify the right person who can provide an answer, wasting valuable time and driving enterprise productivity downward.

  • 4/24/2012


    הסטארט-אפ הישראלי Senexx חתם על הסכם שת"פ עם יאמר

    חברת הסטארט-אפ הישראלית Senexx חתמה על הסכם שיתוף פעולה עם הרשת החברתית יאמר, המיועדים לארגונים גדולים ושוק האנטרפרייז. החברה הישראלית מפתחת כלים המאפשרים יצירת מאגרי שאלות ותשובות (Q&A) פנים ארגוניים. Senexx היא בוגרת חממת upwest בקליפורניה של שולי גלילי.

    בזכות שיתוף הפעולה עם יאמר, המאפשרת שליחת מסרים מהירים בתוך הארגון, יוכלו עובדים בחברה למצוא עובדים רלוונטיים שיסייעו להם במהירות רבה ויוכלו לענות לשאלותיהם. כך לדוגמא, עובד בארגון אשר מכין מצגת על נושא מסויים יוכל להקליד ביאמר את בקשתו ובסיוע הכלי של Senexx ימצא במהירות רבה את האנשים בארגון אשר יודעים לסייע בבניית המצגת.

  • 3/29/2012


    Israeli-American Accelerator UpWest Labs Graduates Its First Batch Of Startups

    Senexx is using its patent-pending technology to help enterprise organizations identify and manage expertise via an internal Q&A platform. The startup’s advanced parsing and knowledge-routing algorithms aim to reduce the amount of time it takes for employees to find answers or domain experts with specific knowledge in a particular subject within their company. This is complemented by the ability to catalog past solutions to certain events or situations — the overall goal being to streamline in-house expertise in order to more effectively deal with problems, or opportunities. The startup's private, cloud-based service integrates into your company’s exiting enterprise networking platforms to allow it to take advantage of current collaboration systems, whether it be email, instant messaging, or internal social networks, in an effort to improve cross-team collaboration.

  • 2/9/2012


    Smarterer, Senexx, & Take the Interview: Some Talent Management News

    Senexx, an expertise-management startup based in Cambridge, MA, and Israel, has collaborated with fellow Cambridge startup PowerInbox to build a Web application that runs in people’s e-mail systems and helps them find expertise and share knowledge within their company or organization. This is an interesting partnership between a couple of early-stage startups trying to do big things in social enterprise apps, using e-mail as the platform.

  • 1/11/2012


    Hot Startups of the Week

    Senexx is a free, private Q&A platform for business. The cloud-based service helps you solve work-related problems by finding experts within your organization, from small business to enterprise. The company was started by Zeevi Michel and and Vova Feldman and is based in Israel and Cambridge, MA.

  • 6/28/2011

    Mass High Tech

    Startup Watch: Five you should follow

    Senexx is a cloud-based service that identifies individuals with knowledge and/or expertise of certain subjects in an organization. The company, located in both Cambridge and Israel, was founded in March 2011.

  • 6/15/2011


    It’s TechStars’ Demo Day in Boston: Meet the 12 Startups

    The idea is that, by integrating with every social system that your company uses, Senexx can sniff out huge amounts of data that will help it to build a Q&A platform specifically tailored to your business. CEO Zeevi Michel says that Senexx “uses artificial intelligence to help companies identify and manage expertise that sits inside emails and other sources of knowledge management.”

  • 6/15/2011


    Investors Flock To Boston To See TechStars’ 12 Cool New Startups (Here’s A Peek)

    Senexx provides enterprise professionals answers to difficult questions. By merely sending an email with the question to the Senexx engine, the engine routes the email to the people within the enterprise who have the expertise to be able to answer the question. Individuals no longer have to email everyone they know before finding that one person with the right knowledge.

  • 6/12/2011


    Senexx internal question and answers platform that read your email to help you solve problems

    Senexx a private cloud-based service, conceived to improve productivity by integrating seamlessly into an organization’s existing enterprise networking platform, enhances cross-team collaboration by identifying experts – or individuals with a certain skill set or experience – in an enterprise to employees needing that expertise. Is uses advanced parsing and knowledge-routing algorithms, organizations can realize the full benefit of their current collaboration systems (email, instant messaging and internal social networks). Senexx enables an organization to identify individuals with specific knowledge or experience in a particular subject – or in cataloging past solutions to certain events or situations – to channel in- house expertise in dealing with a problem or opportunity.

  • 6/9/2011


    Senexx wants to read your email to help you solve office problems

    So many times in business, the simple answer to your question is right in front of you. How many times have you turned to that co-worker who always knows how to fix your computer, but her job is actually in accounting? You drop her an email and 10 minutes later the problem is solved. It’s a secret that you know, but it was never intended to be a secret. It’s just that nobody else knows.
    Israeli-born Senexx knows. Or, at least it would if you gave it the chance. The company is set to finish its residency at Boston’s TechStars in a few days and it will be unleashing this product onto the world. The idea is that, by integrating with every social system that your company uses, Senexx can sniff out huge amounts of data that will help it to build a Q&A platform specifically tailored to your business.

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