Powerful Integration

SolvePath integrates with many popular solutions, to help you and your colleagues find better answers faster. We import existing answers to commonly asked questions, broadcast your questions to a larger audience and learn about your colleagues’ skills and expertise by integrating with leading CRM, help desk, enterprise social networks and knowledge-management tools.

SolvePath offers both standard as well as fully-customized integrations with key enterprise systems to align your questions and answers exchange platform implementation with your existing business processes.

  • LinkedIn Import your LinkedIn profile to save time
  • SalesForce Empower your sales and pre-sales team with Salesforce!
  • Mail Server Post Questions & Answers From Your E-Mail
  • ZenDesk Offer your employees a quick path to find the answers!
  • Active Directory Import Users & Enable Single Sign
  • Yammer Start leveraging company's expertise via Yammer!
  • Jive Find More Experts Amongst Your Colleagues
  • SharePoint Fully integrate SolvePath into Sharepoint
  • Google Apps Up and running in a few minutes with Google contacts.

Start leveraging company's expertise via Yammer!

Yammer brings the power of social network to the enterprise. The integration between SolvePath and Yammer provides users with an efficient way to post questions and answers from their email system to SolvePath, which will automatically broadcast their question to their Yammer feed as well.

With SolvePath, each employee can load their own related frequently asked questions, and share those with users they serve within the organization. By creating a bank of questions and answers, the organization can increase its employees’ efficiency by avoiding duplicate questions and offering business information in an easy to consume format. It offers users the ability to search for questions and then guide them to related questions, which makes consuming information much easier, for us humans. You see, SolvePath is core technology is quite unique. Based on SolvePath’s semantic search capabilities and natural language process algorithms, our engines go through the past inventory of related questions and answers, and come up with the best answer to each question. When no related answers are found in the existing Q&A database, the engine sifts through the employees’ portfolios and matches the question with relevant experts. SolvePath sends those experts a notification email, inviting them to answer it, without ever leaving their email system. Both questions and answers are posted on Yammer Feed.

Cool, isn’t it?


  • Get answers faster

    SolvePath enhances the collaboration, efficiency, and company effectiveness experience by eliminating the noise typical of questions posted on a forum.

  • Assign skills and expertise

    Now your employees can import their Yammer profile to their SolvePath profile, and quickly update their background, experience and expertise. Another great feature!

  • Quickly update your FAQ

    Questions and answers are available for all employees to search, follow, like or easily suggest edits to existing answers. Instead of having to rely on an administrator, or a community member to make any change- everyone can contribute to keeping your FAQs constantly updated.

Import your Linkedin Profile = Quick Setup!

LinkedIn makes a great repository of expertise and experience because most users already have important information, including names, titles, skills, photos and educational history in their profiles. Solvepath provides users an option to sign-in with their LinkedIn account or sync up with their LinkedIn profiles after the registration has already happened.


  • Saving valuable time of your employees

    The single sign up and faster registration process saves precious time of your employees.

  • Trusted data

    Since Linkedin member write their own profile information, you can trust the data displayed in Solvepath is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Encourages engagement

    Simpler, faster and reliable information encourages your employees to engage more and more on using the knowledge management tools for problem solving.

Reduce monthly service requests per technician

Import any support ticket from Zendesk to SolvePath to quickly create a frequently asked questions database, which your employees can search before they open a support ticket. This allows your users to get answers quickly before asking for that costly one-on-one help. We can also have your Q&A exchange configured to create a ticket on ZenDesk when a user posts a question on SolvePath.

Because the SolvePath engine is built using advanced technologies, such as Natural Language Processing and machine algorithms, it offers unparalleled experience for your users. For example, did you know that SolvePath is intelligent enough to not only search for exact keywords but also search for related topics commonly associated with those keywords? It then proceeds to continue to offer other questions the user might be interested in, which makes finding solutions without needing to open a support ticket – a reality!


  • Deliver more immediate, more effective and less costly support services

    The powerful combination of Zendesk and SolvePath provides an easy-to-use self service options to your employees. Unlike other tools, SolvePath semantic based search capability, delivers only related questions and answers to your customers saving them time and provides them with a better customer experience.

  • Assign skills and expertise

    The SolvePath engine is powered with unique capabilities which allows it to identify experts based on previous knowledge exchange. This allows SolvePath to be able to instantly notify the relevant support service representative when a new question is posted.

Empower your sales and pre-sales team with Salesforce!

Now you could streamline the process of responding to a RFP in a way that there are no last minute surprises or that midnight oil burning!

Social enterprises empowered with Salesforce use social, mobile and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business. With SolvePath, your employees can increase their efficiency multifold by posting questions on their Salesforce chatter feed and get connected to the experts instantly.

SolvePath also offers an add-on service to help its customers effortlessly populate the SolvePath platform with previously answered questions, from RFP documents, wiki, emails and CSV files to name a few. You teams could now access this past inventory of questions or get connected to experts.


  • Simplified access to experts and knowledge

    Any query you may ask in SolvePath is routed not only to the current expert, but also to someone who has carried related assignments in past with heuristic information. This reduces the time required for the team responding to RFPs get access to up-to-date knowledge of firm's capabilities and skill sets.

  • Expedite process exceptions and approvals

    SolvePath is intelligent enough to identify the right approver based on past searches and questions.

  • Easier access to case studies, references, vendor expertise and proof of concepts

    Quoting Sherlock Holmes, "There is nothing like first hand evidence". Senexx sends a personal email to the expert it identified based on past transactions. Once located, you may contact the sales executive in person to gather the case studies.

Up and running in a few minutes with Google contacts

A lot of us are already using Google to manage our professional contacts. Luckily, with very little effort, you can easily and quickly import your colleagues contact information into SolvePath, directly from Google Contacts. It only takes a few minutes to complete setup.


  • Saving valuable time

    Save time managing your contact data by integrating SolvePath with your Google Contacts. Importing your contacts only takes a few moments and saves you a great deal of time.

  • Accurate data

    Save time managing your contact data by integrating SolvePath with your Google Contacts. Importing your contacts only takes a few moments and saves you a great deal of time.

What customers are saying about Senexx

“When we began to understand SolvePath, we immediately began to recognize its much stronger potential to connect people with questions to verified and identified experts that would yield a response directly and specifically relevant to them”
Patrick Houston, Founder and Principal, Media Architects

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