Integrate with Company Tools

  • Single Sign On

    Easily access SolvePath using a single-sign-on method

  • SharePoint

    Fully integrate SharePoint with SolvePath

  • LinkedIn

    Sync your SolvePath profile with your LinkedIn profile to save a lot of time and make set-up a breeze

  • SalesForce

    Link the SalesForce chatter feed to SolvePath to increase your efficiency

  • Mail Server

    Post questions and answers from your email

  • ZenDesk

    Reduce your monthly service requests per technician by importing support tickets from ZenDesk to SolvePath

  • Yammer

    Questions and answers that you post on SolvePath are automatically broadcasted to your Yammer feed, as well

  • Jive

    Find experts among your colleagues

  • Google Apps

    Setup is easy when you can quickly import your Google Contacts into SolvePath

  • Web and Mobile

    Access SolvePath from web and mobile platforms

  • Active Directory

    Import users and enable single-sign-on

  • Integrations in Details

    See our integrations page for a more in depth look at the benefits of integrating SolvePath with the tools that your company already uses.

Other Features

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“One of my employees answered a question by his E-mail without¬†even realizing¬†he was using Senexx SolvePath”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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