Full Email Integration

  • Ask a Question

    Ask questions directly from your inbox

  • Automatic Reply

    When you post a new question, SolvePath will automatically send you an email with possible answers from the database

  • Expert Routing

    SolvePath automatically connects relevant experts with your question, allowing you to receive answers from the best possible source

  • Answer a Question

    Answer questions directly from your inbox

  • Multimedia Attachments

    Share more information by attaching files, images, or links to your questions and answers

  • CC

    If you are posting a question directly from your email, simply CC another user to notify them of the question

  • Automatic Tagging

    SolvePath automatically tags questions and answers with relevant topics and experts so that you don’t have to

Other Features

What customers are saying about Senexx

“The fact that it has email an email integration is a big selling functionality point for us.”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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