Engage Employees

  • Leaderboards

    Keep track of the community’s top contributors and influencers

  • Gamification

    Encourage employees to engage with SolvePath by awarding reputation points and creating competitions

  • Competition

    Encourage employees to engage with SolvePath by turning knowledge sharing into a healthy and fun contest between coworkers

  • Rank Answers

    Click the like/accept buttons to mark answers as helpful and elevate their ranking

  • Follow Button

    Click the follow button to quickly and easily receive notifications on a particular question, topic, or colleague’s activity

  • Reputation Points

    Reward employees when they provide high quality answers

  • Notification

    Engage and motivate your employees by letting them know when they are the question and answer rock star of the week and more

  • Self Discovery

    Post both a question and its answer simultaneously so that others can benefit from the information you have discovered

  • Activity Feed

    See what your colleagues are up to on SolvePath other than asking and answering questions

Other Features

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“One of my employees answered a question by his E-mail without even realizing he was using Senexx SolvePath”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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