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  • Automatic Tagging

    SolvePath automatically tags questions and answers with relevant topics and experts so that you don’t have to

  • Expert Identification

    SolvePath builds a conceptual understanding of the relationships between employees and the content with which they interact in order to identify topic experts

  • Expert Routing

    SolvePath automatically connects relevant experts with your question, allowing you to receive answers from the best possible source

  • Unlimited Q&A Discussions

    SolvePath allows for an unlimited database size, so you can open and tag as many Q&A discussions as you would like

  • Rich Text Editor

    With SolvePath, you can use more than just plain text

  • Multimedia Attachments

    Share more information by attaching files, images, or links to your questions and answers

  • @Mention

    Notify individuals or sets of colleagues about your questions and answers by tagging them with the ‘@’ sign

  • Hashtags

    Tag your questions with specific topics by using the ‘#’ sign

  • Rate Answers

    SolvePath lets you “accept” the answers that you find most helpful; answers that have been accepted will appear at the top of subsequent searches

  • Versioning

    In order to keep the data current, SolvePath allows users to suggest edits that can then be accepted or rejected by the user who originally posted the information

  • Self Discovery

    Post both a question and its answer simultaneously so that others can benefit from the information you have discovered

  • Translation

    Translate questions and answers to English with the click of a button

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“When we began to understand SolvePath, we immediately began to recognize its much stronger potential to connect people with questions to verified and identified experts that would yield a response directly and specifically relevant to them”
Patrick Houston, Founder and Principal, Media Architects

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