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With SolvePath, finding answers to your questions has never been easier. Why settle for broadcasting your question to everyone, when SolvePath's smart engine matches your questions with your colleague's expertise and automatically notifies only relevant experts. As a cloud-based internal question and answer platform for corporations, SolvePath provides employees with an easy way to access information and identify colleagues who have relevant expertise. SolvePath helps companies leverage unstructured data and promotes knowledge sharing in order to increase productivity and efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and accomplish overall success.

Here's how it works:

  • Search

    When you ask a question, SolvePath first suggests questions that have been previously asked about similar topics.

  • Ask

    When you post a new question, SolvePath automatically tags it with related topics.

  • Notify

    SolvePath automatically notifies colleagues who are experts on your question’s topics, as well as other colleagues you select.

  • Rank

    SolvePath stores the questions and answers and makes them available for your colleagues to search, follow, like, and edit.

What about all those questions
your colleagues frequently ask you?
You can add any questions and their related answers easily using
our professional services or through one of our system integrations.

Ask and Answer Questions

Automatic Tagging

SolvePath automatically tags questions and answers with relevant topics and experts so that you don’t have to

Expert Identification

SolvePath builds a conceptual understanding of the relationships between employees and the content with which they interact in order to identify topic experts

Expert Routing

SolvePath automatically connects relevant experts with your question, allowing you to receive answers from the best possible source

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Organize Content


Create a small forum for a specific topic and set of colleagues


Create a feed for a specific set of colleagues who work together or have a similar knowledge base

My feed

View only the questions, topics, and people that are relevant to you

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Discover Content

Real Time Search

SolvePath uses real time search capabilities so that you receive answers as quickly as possible

Expert Finder

Find an expert by searching a topic, skill, or expertise

Activity Feed

See what your colleagues are up to on SolvePath other than asking and answering questions

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Engage Employees


Keep track of the community’s top contributors and influencers


Encourage employees to engage with SolvePath by awarding reputation points and creating competitions


Encourage employees to engage with SolvePath by turning knowledge sharing into a healthy and fun contest between coworkers

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Integrate with Company Tools

Single Sign On

Easily access SolvePath using a single-sign-on method


Fully integrate SharePoint with SolvePath


Sync your SolvePath profile with your LinkedIn profile to save a lot of time and make set-up a breeze

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Full Email Integration

Ask a Question

Ask questions directly from your inbox

Automatic Reply

When you post a new question, SolvePath will automatically send you an email with possible answers from the database

Expert Routing

SolvePath automatically connects relevant experts with your question, allowing you to receive answers from the best possible source

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Manage the Platform


Keep track of your company’s platform metrics on the analytics dashboard

User Management

Control which users can interact with the system and how they can do so


Control who can see what data, particularly when it comes to groups

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“One of my employees answered a question by his E-mail without even realizing he was using Senexx SolvePath”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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