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How we build the Expert Map?

Integrating with popular business solutions, we leverage the company's data by applying Senexx's proprietary Natural Language Processing and Unstructured Data Analysis methods to analyze it and build your colleagues’ skills and expertise map.

LinkedIn makes a great repository of expertise and experience because most users already have important information, including names, titles, skills, photos, and educational history in their profiles.

In order to demonstrate the power of Senexx’s expert builder we are offering you a free Company Expert Map Builder Report using the data found on your LinkedIn. See with your own eyes how Senexx could help you with finding experts faster.

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SolvePath empowers your colleagues to quickly find answers to both technical and business questions related to your organization. 

Why settle for broadcasting your question to everyone and wait, where you have SolvePath’s smart engine match your questions with your colleague’s expertise and automatically notify additional experts to a close to real time response.

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“The fact that it has email an email integration is a big selling functionality point for us.”
Bas Muller, KplusV Organization

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