Jason Shechtman

Why you Should Care About Real Time Tagging

If you use any social media website, I’m sure you’ve noticed people creating tags throughout their posts. Whether it be an irrelevant tag like when #peopleusefullsentencesfornoreason, which don’t amount to anything, or an actual relevant tag to try and notify a specific group of people, everyone uses them now.  Sometimes you might write a post and have no idea what to tag. When it comes down to it, if you want to reach out to the right people tagging has become essential.

Real time tagging is a new breakthrough tool that makes tagging, dare I say, unnoticeably easy. What this means is that when you’re typing you’re question or statement, tags are automatically generated using an advanced NLP algorithm. This allows users that are not familiar with tagging, to just type freely and not have to worry about what to tag.

For businesses using software like Solvepath, which utilizes real time tagging, this can become a particularly useful tool. When an employee has a question, but has no idea what to tag to notify the right people, Solvepath automatically creates them while the question is being asked. It demands no extra effort, anybody can do it properly, and it ensures the right people will be notified.

Here’s an example of when real time tagging becomes a huge advantage. Let’s say someone working is sales is trying to sell a product but the potential buyer asks a question that the representative doesn’t know the answer to. They can quickly ask their question on Solvepath, and without having to think about who would be best suited to answer the question, the real time tagging does all the work. Tags are instantly created, the experts are immediately notified, and capable of responding within seconds from their email.

Real time tagging is continuously growing. Most companies have not implemented it because it is an extremely complex idea. Google+, a social media platform made by Google, just introduced it. We here at Senexx have been using it for months already. We know the potential of it and are proud to be early adopters.


Real Time Tagging from Jason Shechtman on Vimeo.