Zeevi Michel

Why did we collaborate with PowerInbox?

We are extremely excited about today’s PR announcement on the new PowerInbox API and the new Senexx app. But why did we decide to build a PowerApp?

As you all know we are great fans of the communication channel called emails. The Senexx system uses emails as its main delivery mechanism to the Q&A inside the organization, because we believe email will live forever, and all employees are still using emails as their default communication channel.

But emails are static; therefore we have built the Senexx web app that allows our users not only to ask and reply to questions, but also to vote, search, learn, and much more.

By collaborating with PowerInbox and building a PowerApp our users can do all of these things from inside their mail box, without ever leaving their comfort zone.

Our clients will increase the adoption rate of the system and the Senexx learning curve will be even faster.

As I wrote last week we are at the beginning of the Social enterprise era, and social Q&A is a great candidate for your first social initiative in your organization.  The Senexx system with its new PowerApp makes it even easier for your employees to share knowledge, find experts and tap the organizational wisdom.

Go to: senexx.com – and sign up for our preferred beta program today!

Thank you to Matt Thazhmon and the PowerInbox team for a great opportunity.

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About Zeevi Michel

Zeevi has completed a B.Sc at the Technion in IE&M, Economics and Finance, finishing Summa Cum Laude - first in his class. Currently he's the Co-founder and CEO of Senexx a smart Q&A engine for Enterprises that uses NLP and AI algorithms. Zeevi was the Co-founder and CEO of SircleIT, an online Q&A forum for social and enterprise networks. During college he co-founded and was the first president of the Technion Investment Finance Club. Throw his leadership the IFC became the largest student interest organization at Technion with bi-weekly meeting that consistently attract over 200 people and the participation of top Israeli finance houses. Zeevi is a Grinblat Scholar in performance research and has a diverse background in operations issues from an internship at Applied Materials in Silicon Valley and from his leadership in the Call Center of the IEC and the Israeli Defense Force. Zeevi was the lead TA for 7 different undergraduate finance courses and 2 MBA courses, therefore he was invited to help create the first Technion Financial Laboratory.