Jason Shechtman

Top 5 Myths About Enterprise Question and Answer Platforms

When people hear the phrase “question and answer platform”, they start to think of FAQs, Google, Quora and so on. There are many preconceptions when it comes to enterprise question and answer platforms, which is why I’d like to take the time to open your eyes to a new world of knowledge sharing and management tools.


1.    It is just a dynamic FAQ

The most common presumption about question and answer platforms is that it is just some sort of dynamic FAQ. In theory yes, they may be right… but it is so much more than that. FAQs have predetermined questions that may not directly answer your questions. Question and answer platforms are designed so you can ask whatever question you want, and the proper “expert” is notified. This allows for people within the company to help answer your question with the knowledge that they have in real time.

2.    It is just an extended feature of social enterprise software

I’ve seen a lot of people post on forums saying that question and answer platforms are just an extension to social enterprise software. This is like saying Quora is an extended feature of Facebook. Thats just not true right? Facebook (the social enterprise software) is a place where you can share content (files, documents, pictures), and Quora (the question and answer platform) is where you specifically ask questions and receive answers. These two are very different products. What people don’t realize is that question and answer platforms are actually software of its own. It is not designed to go over a document and make changes while using it. It’s designed to be used as a tool, which contains a database of questions and answers.

3.    It Is a Waste of Valuable Time and Money

Last time I checked efficiency, productivity, and utilization of your employees’ full capabilities and skills was not a waste of time or money. Human expertise is one of the most treasured resources in any business. Every employee is unique and knowledgeable in many different things, so why not let them use their insight to help others? With question and answer platforms these employees become experts and can help others with problems or questions they have.

4.    It is only a help desk

It is often assumed that a question and answer platform is specifically used for the IT department, but what most people don’t know is that it’s just as useful in every other sector. It can be beneficial for non-technical related questions and technical ones. For example, while using Senexx Solvepath, people in sales can talk about the best technique to sell a product. They can also ask a technical related question to the IT department. If they don’t know who to ask specifically Senexx Solvepath notifies the proper experts for them, making it convenient and easy to use.

5.    It is not secure

This is a legitimate concern for businesses to have because there are certain questions, documents or files that need to stay confidential. When it comes down to it, these services are no less secure than emails or CRM. Security comes down to the product itself, not the actual product group. There may be a question and answer platform that isn’t secure, while 10 others are.


In the end question and answer platforms is a growing market and it will be a mandatory tool in due time. Whether it is believed to be a necessity or not, it is a great way for an entire company to gain access to tactical knowledge and dramatically improve the business results.


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