Yonina Eisenberg

Three Ways We Waste Time at Work

We all know the feeling of having an unproductive day at work. All of a sudden it’s five in the afternoon and you realize that you’ve only accomplished two things on your long to-do list. Where does all the time go? What prevents us from being efficient? Here are three work-related activities that consume too much time at the office:

1. Sifting through email

According to a blog post on Forbes about the ways email makes employees miserable, we generally spend about half our work day using email. That’s a huge amount of time, particularly if most of it is not actually productive. Email has been the primary form of communication in the office for years now, but it might not be the best or most efficient anymore. Threads can become very long and difficult to navigate, making it nearly impossible to find the email that contains the piece of information that you need, let alone the information itself.

2. Repeatedly answering the same questions

Many employees are bound to have similar questions regarding the company or a project. Even if something has been stated in a meeting or distributed in a mass email or newsletter, there is a good chance that a number of employees will not remember or be able to find the original piece of information. Therefore, whoever has the information will eventually sound like a broken record from constantly repeating the answer for everyone who asks.

3. Tracking down the right contact person

Unfortunately, though, we often don’t know who to contact for certain pieces of information. In those situations, it becomes a long process just to find the right person to talk to. We have to ask multiple people if they know who to contact for help before we can even ask the question that actually holds any significance.

The truth of the matter is that we spend too much time searching for the information that we need. It is a huge problem that is familiar to all of us, despite the fact that the solution is simple: centralize the knowledge. Knowledge management software like Senexx SolvePath resolves the issue by collecting and storing the company’s knowledge, identifying topic experts, and sending questions directly to those experts. As a result, information becomes quickly and easily accessible, so we can finally stop wasting time and start being productive.