Yonina Eisenberg

Some Words of Wisdom about Knowledge Management

What is knowledge? What exactly is knowledge management? What does knowledge management do for your company? What is the general point?

These are all valid questions – the term ‘knowledge management’ is a bit obscure. To provide a few answers, I have compiled a short list of some of my favorite quotes about knowledge and knowledge management:

“Too often, people think of knowledge management as a noun. They’re mistaken: KM is a verb, a way of getting work done.” – Jeff Angus

Knowledge management is an active process. It does not simply exist, nor does it just happen on its own. We need to constantly identify, track, and record knowledge in order to effectively manage it and do our work.

“Knowledge only has true value when it’s shared.” – Tony Geoghan

A company cannot function well if a single employee hoards any particular piece of knowledge. In order to accomplish anything, more than one person needs to know and understand what is going on.

“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.” – Samuel Johnson

If you do not know something yourself, ask someone who does or find the source of the information. Having a central place where shared knowledge is stored and easily searchable ensures that the initial sharing process did not occur in vain.

“You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.” – Seymour Papert

In order to access company information, employees need help from the organization itself. Companies need to set themselves and their employees up for success by providing the infrastructure in which knowledge can be shared, stored, and retrieved.

“The focus we put on work processes and knowledge management underpins all of our project execution excellence.” – Alan Boeckmann

Simply put, sharing knowledge and having access to information lays the foundation for a company’s success.

What is your favorite knowledge management quote?