Meenal Shukla

SolvePath revamps system emails with a new cool design!

Today, we’re giving you an in-depth look at the new design of our emails. This new design is:

  1. Clutter free. So great!
  2. Streamlined. Yes!
  3. Informative. Awesome!

We have endeavored to make our interface simple and easy for you, and eliminated any extra information, which provides no direct benefit to you. For example, we trimmed away our reply notification email to a new leaner look. Check it out: -

Likewise, we went through every email we send our users, questioned its content, argued its utility and finally, came up with a revamped version to enrich your experience. Of course, we had to let some of the emails go, but we are sure they are in a happy place :).

The email design is taking effect starting today.

We invite you to share thoughts on the updated design and welcome suggestions to make it even more awesome.