Yonina Eisenberg

SolvePath Helps You Manage Knowledge in Four Easy Steps

What are the four steps that allow Senexx SolvePath to help you easily manage your company’s knowledge?

  1. First, any member of the organization who has a question or inquiry can go to the web platform or email interface and upload/type the question/inquiry.
  2. Second, SolvePath automatically identifies the topics within the question. Then, if the question has already been asked and answered before, the program will identify the answer and present it in real time to the knowledge seeker. On the other hand, if the question is new, SolvePath will automatically find experts who can provide an answer to the question.
  3. The third step occurs when a qualified expert responds to the new question.
  4. Finally, following this process, both the question and the answer are stored in the platform so that any other person who has a similar inquiry will be able to access the answer.

SolvePath functions like a social network: users can ask and answer questions, and they also have the ability to like and follow their own questions, as well as those that other people post.

Here is a short graphic that illustrates the four steps that are involved in a user’s interaction with SolvePath: