Meenal Shukla

SolvePath adds Step by Step Training powered by WalkMe

At Senexx, we believe in “Simple is Powerful”. With this underlying philosophy in mind, we created new interactive on-screen walkthroughs, which will make it even simpler for you to start using SolvePath right away. This intuitive tutorial would enable you to quickly complete even the most complex tasks.

Let’s suppose, you’re wondering how to follow more topics. This is what you can do. To access our tutorial, just click on the “How To” tab on the right sidebar as shown:

Now simply follow the step-by-step pop-up walk-through’s instructions:

This step-by-step guide is intended to introduce you to the many ways in which SolvePath could be of use to you such as sharing your knowledge, asking questions, providing answers with attachments or simply to follow experts in your community.

So there you have it – a clean and elegant way to kick start problem solving and knowledge sharing using the power of SolvePath.