Jason Shechtman

Senexx Using Senexx Solvepath: Why We Use Our Own Product. (Part 2)

Last week I wrote a blog about “Senexx Using Senexx Solvepath: Why We Use Our Own Product. (Part 1)” Here is the prequel, where I explain the other 3 ways Solvepath has been beneficial for our every day work lives.


  • International Connections

Senexx has employees in 4 different parts of the world. This makes communication quite difficult sometimes. We’ve found that communicating via Solvepath has been the most convenient way to do it. I’ll explain how this has helped us out. We recently finished the development of our new product and we wanted to start selling it. We are based out of Tel Aviv Israel, and we had just recently hired a sales representative living in Palo Alto California. Our new employee was giving us tips about selling while the developers were teaching her about the product itself. This was all done through Solvepath for future employees (like myself) to read and get a better understanding of the product, the sales department, and different aspects of the company.

Result: Knowledge sharing between different offices is increased resulting in a greater chance of having more questions answered.


  • Customer Onboarding

When a company purchases Solvepath, Senexx takes a lot of time to pre load the platform with pre-existing data, so you don’t show up to an empty program. We noticed that when our clients first started using Solvepath, some of them had a lot of the same questions. Senexx took the time to add all of these questions into our database and a select few into theirs. Whenever these new companies would ask us questions, instead of having to wait for answers from various departments, we have them already answered and ready to go.

Result: When using the software for the first time, it is not empty and you can see how it is supposed to be used.


  • Internal Competition

We’ve created a small game within Solvepath to get people to post questions, and to respond to the questions that they know the answers to. The idea behind this was to create a fun internal competition between employees to see who can share the most knowledge. The user’s rating depends on the number of questions and answers posted by the user and how many likes and accepted answers they have. At Senexx we have our own competition when it comes to the points system. The loser for the week has to make coffee for the following week. That might not sound so bad but when you work at a startup like this where everyone is putting in 10 hours or more a day, you better believe there is a lot of coffee being prepared.

Result: Increase in questions asked and answered.


To conclude, Solvepath has been a huge asset for us here at Senexx. We use it everyday to helps us with tasks, and knowledge management. It is truly remarkable how much it has helped ease our new employees become comfortable with the company and co-workers. New clients are not having any problems getting acquainted with it, and are “answering questions without even realizing they’re using Solvepath.” – A happy Senexx customer.


To get a better understand of how Solvepath works, be sure to check out our FREE interactive demo right here!