Jason Shechtman

Senexx Using Senexx Solvepath: Why We Use Our Own Product. (Part 1)


When a product is released, the idea is normally that it is expected to perform a specific task or function. When Senexx released Solvepath, the objective was to create a collaboration software that structures data, and increases productivity by eliminating the process of looking for experts and answers.  We decided it would be beneficial for us to use it.

I’d like to start by showing you 3 ways Solvepath has helped us in our every day work lives.


  • Employee Onboarding  - My personal story  

I’ve been working at Senexx for about 2 months now and when I got started, Solvepath was the best tool I could have asked for. Whenever I had a question, instead of bothering my co-workers constantly, and making a bad impression, I would search my question up on Solvepath and more often than not, the answer was already there. I was able to see all of the questions asked by my predecessor and it made the learning process much easier. Whenever I had a question that wasn’t already there, I posted it and when my co-workers had the chance, they would answer it for me. Solvepath allowed me to get a better understanding of the people I work with. I was able to go on their profiles and understand who did what, and also learn about other things they’re knowledgeable in. This allowed me to get some insight on each of our employees and helped me settle in much quicker.

Result: It took me just a few days to be productive.


  • Knowledge Management  

Here at Senexx, Solvepath is the only knowledge management tool we need. We don’t use any of the traditional ones like SharePoint because frankly, we just don’t have any use for them. Knowledge is so easily shared, and so effortlessly accessible because of Solvepath that the amount of time we waste searching through old documents has been cut in half. We post information, files, pictures, and whatever else we find useful or might eventually become useful, so that it is always stored on the platform. When it becomes required, all we have to do is a simple search and it pops right up.

Result: A knowledge Management system with just the elements you need. No useless features nobody uses.


  • Technical FAQ  / Product perfection

Since we use Solvepath for our own purposes, we tend to be the first ones to find any problems with it and fix them before anyone else has a complaint. In our SolvePath database, we have many solutions to problems that have happened previously incase they arise again, so we don’t have to spend time figuring out how to fix them. We have included an instant messaging system within the platform, incase anyone does find a bug, they can always message us and we will do everything we can to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Result: Bug and technical issues complaint rate from customer went down by 80%.


Be sure to check back Monday May 13, to find out the other 3 reasons why Senexx uses Senexx Solvepath. For now, to get a better understand of how Solvepath works, be sure to check out our FREE interactive demo right here!