Yonina Eisenberg

Senexx Named a “Key Innovator” in Research and Markets Report

PRLog (Press Release)January 13, 2014 Senexx SolvePath, the prominent question and answer platform, is proud to announce that they have been included in the list of ‘Key Innovators’ in Research and Markets “Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market – Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis (2013-2018)” report.

The report notes that the “increasing trend for machine usage has also brought about the need for reducing the gap between human and machine interaction for better experience and enhanced applications.” As such, the report analyzes the global technology trends and changes in this emerging market. It also aims to identify and evaluate the current market, its anticipated growth, and its major players.

Using NLP technology, Senexx SolvePath allows users to ask questions in their everyday language, which keeps the process very simple and straightforward. With this technology, SolvePath can essentially understand the ideas behind the phrases that users use, allowing the platform to retrieve conceptually related information. Thus, SolvePath quickly and easily finds requested information, as well as suggests related questions and answers, so that employees receive accurate and relevant search results. By immediately providing users with the information they need, Senexx SolvePath is pushing the current boundaries of NLP technology.

“At Senexx, we believe that we are at the front end of using NLP technology in the knowledge management world. We are creating a new segment that we call knowledge automation. We are bringing into reality the famous sci-fi scenes of a centralized computer that can answer all of your questions, thereby helping your business objectives and day to day tasks. We are humbled to be included as a key innovator in this five year report and we encourage everyone to continue following us throughout our next product releases.” – Zeevi Michel, CEO of Senexx

To learn more about Senexx SolvePath, visit www.senexx.com.