Yonina Eisenberg

Say Goodbye to LISTSERV

Many companies today use LISTERV, the email list management software. LISTERV manages email blasts for announcements, newsletters, group discussions, and more. However, there has been a lot of discussion lately around the fact that email is no longer the most effective communication tool in the office; a fact that is particularly true when it comes to methods of collaboration and information sharing.

People receive an excessive number of emails every single day, and there is simply too much potential for employees to overlook or lose important information in their inboxes. Think about running a keyword search in your inbox: chances are that unless you use an incredibly specific keyword, you will find too many results to sift through efficiently. Or think about collaborating on a project or having a group discussion over email: hitting ‘reply all’ over and over again merely results in a long chain of emails that is impossible to navigate.

Furthermore, what if someone needs information that was conveyed in an email blast, but that person did not subscribe to the list at the time it was sent out? This person does not have easy access to the needed information, not even if you forward the entire email conversation or newsletter. Many things for which people use LISTSERV and email would be so much easier with a collaboration platform or with other social business tools like Senexx SolvePath.

Senexx SolvePath provides a cloud based, knowledge management software. Unlike LISTSERV, you do not need any space on your company’s hardware to run the software. SolvePath integrates with company email, but really only uses email as a tool and as a launch-pad to the SolvePath system itself. This means that SolvePath will not clutter your inbox. Since the information is not sent out in mass quantities, it will always come in bite-size pieces that are easily searchable and navigable, unlike those long email threads and newsletters. With SolvePath, you get the information that you need at the time of your choosing, and it is always easily accessible.

So why continue to use the outdated email method when we now have better ways to share and access information? It seems as though it is time to set aside email list management software in favor of knowledge management platforms and social business tools. So goodbye LISTSERV and hello SolvePath!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth comparison between LISTSERV and SolvePath.