Yonina Eisenberg

Out with the Old and In with the New: How Senexx SolvePath Does It Better

A couple weeks ago, we stated that it is time to say goodbye to LISTSERV. We believe that email is simply no longer the most effective communication tool within the office, and it is certainly not conducive to employee collaboration. Alternatively, internal social business tools greatly assist your employees in performing their jobs more effectively and efficiently, thereby providing your company with significant benefits. For instance, here are a few concrete ways in which Senexx SolvePath, the internal question and answer platform, can help your company more than LISTSERV:

The Old Way


The New Way

LISTSERV is an email list management software for newsletters, announcements lists, discussion groups, and email communities.

SolvePath is an internal question and answer platform. We leverage your company’s existing systems to help employees find the information they need to do their jobs productively and efficiently.

LISTSERV supports all email list types. Companies can send newsletters, announcements, and discussion group contributions directly to your inbox.

SolvePath integrates with email, allowing you to ask and answer questions directly from your inbox. SolvePath also uses email for relevant notifications but does not flood your inbox, resulting in less clutter.

LISTSERV requires users to subscribe to email lists in order to receive information.

SolvePath allows all company users to access stored information. You can also follow to topics of interest, and you will always receive relevant notifications based on your expertise.

LISTSERV maintains searchable
web archives of all messages sent
via email lists.

SolvePath stores all previous questions and answers and uses semantic search capabilities to quickly find better and more relevant results.

LISTERV requires hardware, so the user must have a server that can host all of the necessary information.

SolvePath is a cloud-based software, so you do not need to worry about having enough space on your company’s on-premise hardware to store your continuously growing amount of data.

The bottom line is that LISTSERV is an outdated tool that leverages email to blast static information to the masses. This was great 20 years ago, but today’s knowledge management and knowledge sharing world is moving away from email towards more effective communication and collaboration tools. Take a step forward with the technological times by switching to a dynamic platform like Senexx SolvePath.