Jared Root

Make the Switch to a Q&A program; Time will be saved

Question and answer platforms are the future. Time is saved at low costs; it does not get much better than that. Before continuing on with this article think to yourself about these questions:

How often do you find yourself searching through your mailbox for previous emails?

Emails always find a way to get lost. Trying to relocate emails is an unfortunate struggle that comes about in the life of all email users. The reason is because many professionals receive a constant flow of emails all day; managing the large inflow of emails while also trying to finish all of your work is a real struggle that most workers are usually not successful at accomplishing. With a question and answer platform the need to search for emails can be reduced because workers can just type in what they are looking for in the search platform and the platform can efficiently find topics that relate to the question the worker is stuck on.

How much time do you spend trying to contact the “right” person to help you?

Knowing who in your company to ask your technical questions to is always a challenge. However, with question and answer platforms this issue can be relieved. This is because these platforms have the technology to connect you with the experts in your company based on the topic that you classify your question as being.

How often do you feel as if you are continuously answering the same question over and over again?

Most workers get stuck on the same question and usually one person in the company is knowledgeable about that question. Thus, that knowledgeable person most definitely gets bombarded with the same question constantly. With a question and answer platform repeatedly asked questions would no longer exist because the questions will be saved in the company’s question and answer platform for future viewing purposes.

I am sure the answer to all these questions is quite obvious; too much time. Adding a question and answer platform to your business will eliminate these issues. In addition to all the benefits question and answer platforms have that are listed above, question and answer platforms such as Senexx have added real time tagging to their questions. This new real time tagging feature simplifies question asking and ensures that the most relevant tags are tagged in your question. It maybe worth it to read more about real time tagging here. Really, look into question and answer platforms because they have the ability to increase your company’s success and efficiency.

Time is obviously not something that is worth wasting, so why are so many people not making changes and not trying to make their business processes more efficient. Two of the main reasons as to why many businesses have not switched to the usage of question and answer platforms are because of procrastination and lack of awareness regarding this new time saving tool. Procrastination is a key character trait of our common world but everyone should try to defy that trait and take actions for change; it’s not worth wasting anymore time. Throughout our whole life it has been looked up upon to be a leader rather than a follower and now is your time to make a “leader” type move. The second reason as to why many companies have yet to take change is because they lack knowledge, however if you are reading this clearly you are informed about question and answer platforms and if you are not greatly informed check out senexx for more information and try the demo.