Yonina Eisenberg

Introducing Groups and Three Other New Capabilities on SolvePath

At Senexx, we are constantly working to improve our software. We recently introduced a few new features to make SolvePath more powerful, effective, and versatile.

Create Groups

You now have the ability to form groups on SolvePath, which allows you to create a question feed around a specific topic. Each group is its own small-scale environment, and is therefore completely separate from the main company feed.

Group Privacy Settings

There are three types of groups, each with a different level of privacy:

Public – Anyone can see the group, its members, and the questions and answers that are posted in the group. Only members can post to the feed, but anyone can freely join the group.

Private – Anyone can see the group and its members, but only members can see posts. You must be invited to the group in order to become a member, but anyone can request an invitation.

Secret – Only members can see the group, who is in the group, and the group’s posts. Membership is by invitation only.

Mention a Whole Set of People

You can notify an entire set of people of a question directly from the “Ask Question” box. If you do not know exactly who can help you, notifying everyone will ensure that the right person sees your question, and therefore it will not slip through the cracks. To use this new function, simply type ‘@all’ to notify the whole company or ‘@groupname’ to notify all members of a certain group.

Sort Users

You can now use the user management tab to sort users by various categories, which gives you more insight into how your employees are using SolvePath. You can view lists by alphabetical order, email address, account status, and time last signed in to SolvePath.

We hope that these new features are helpful, and we look forward to your feedback so that we can continue working to make SolvePath better!