Meenal Shukla

Import Your Linkedin Profile on SolvePath

Great news! Now you can complete your profile in seconds!! All you need to do is follow these two simple steps to import your LinkedIn profile into SolvePath.

1.  Go to your SolvePath profile and click on the  “Sync with LinkedIn”  button.

2.   Give SolvePath the permission to import your profile from LinkedIn.

Voila! You are set. Now your skills, expertise and photo in LinkedIn are visible in SolvePath.

To make the most of this feature you’ll need to have an account on LinkedIn. SolvePath uses your LinkedIn account to grab your latest profile and your picture. This ensures the profile information you see is always up to date.

Integration with LinkedIn has been a popular customer request since we launched SolvePath. This feature would save you time, and bring answers faster to you and your co-workers.

We’re pleased to make this feature a reality today and we hope it makes SolvePath more useful to you everyday.