Meenal Shukla

How to strengthen your professional brand at work

Companies invest a lot of time and money in creating their brand, which helps them to differentiate from their competitors.
Similarly, personal branding is one of the most important career skills to distinguish us in today’s competitive job market. In his book “Personal Branding”, Peter Montoya says that branding helps you establish a successful, credible identity that gives managers insight into your value proposition and return on investment.

Here are few tips on how to create your own personal professional brand:

No negligence on due diligence: “Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work” [Horace]. This means taking the time to develop and hone your skills, burning that midnight oil and not stopping until “good enough” becomes “the best”. Use all the resources available to you to enhance your knowledge and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Consider tapping into your company’s internal knowledge by typically available in knowledge sharing systems like SolvePath or Microsoft Sharepoint which allows you to track topics of your choice to help you achieve that.

Soft skills are hard to find: Arrogance is an unfortunate side-effect of knowledge and power. Modesty and eagerness to learn will earn the respect of your colleagues. Also, show respect to your colleagues’ time by not burying them with reply-all to irrelevant questions. Noisemakers find themselves ignored by their co-workers. Instead, use tools such as SolvePath that route questions posted via email to colleagues with relevant employees.

Come out of shadows: Personal brand grows by sharing knowledge, increasing your visibility, helping your colleagues in a timely manner. Don’t ignore your colleagues plea of help- answer them.

Complement with compliments: Honest complements and displaying sincerity while praising your colleagues helps build personnel rapport. People always endorse colleagues whom them found personable and non-threatening. This helps you get the good word out by multiple sources.