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Enterprise Q&A – the first social initiative within an organization

I’ve recently come across two great papers which I feel that every executive should know about and read. The first paper was written by Andrew McAfee who coined the phrase “Enterprise 2.0″ and the AIIM organization “When Social Meets Business Real Work Gets Done“. The second paper was conducted by Accenture “Accenture Technology Vision 2012“.

Andrew McAfee’s paper deals with three main issues: Open Innovation, Sales and Marketing Collaboration, and Enterprise Q&A. Here, I will talk about my understanding of the third section, Enterprise Q&A.

Ever since we have started working, we have always used the Question mechanism in order to perform our jobs. For example, by asking a team member, a boss or perhaps by picking up the phone and calling an old college buddy. This mechanism is such an ingrained second nature to us that we don’t even pay attention when we do it.

The “Hallway culture” as referred to in the paper is great as long as you know who to ask. However, what happens when you don’t know who can help you and who the residential expert is? (See my last blog post of “Expert Finding – Science not Fiction“). This is where trouble can begin; blasting emails to the whole team or department is considered as spam and can be incredibly time consuming for the rest of the employees.

Let me just make it clear that I don’t want to talk about the solutions that are out there – I just want to reinforce Andrew’s recommendation that Enterprise Q&A should be the first social initiative within the organization. Since we are already doing it, why not use a system that can harness all of the knowledge and turn it into organizational wisdom?

I totally agree that the system should be easy to use and to find unlike mass SBS platforms which are trying to do everything at the same time – but end up providing virtually nothing.

The second paper by Accenture holds strong views on what the next steps should be from the viewpoint of the CIO and IT guys in the next 100 days according to the technological changes we are facing.

The first trend Accenture talks about is Context-Based-Services, or in other words; context, context, context. I see a great connection between the two points, Q&A and context. If we are able to determine where you are, what you’re doing, and who you are, then the quality of services will be much greater, and the answers that the organization collects will have true insight.  The content that the employee will be exposed to will truly impact their work needs.

Enterprise Q&A and context data – a great start for 2012.

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Zeevi has completed a B.Sc at the Technion in IE&M, Economics and Finance, finishing Summa Cum Laude - first in his class. Currently he's the Co-founder and CEO of Senexx a smart Q&A engine for Enterprises that uses NLP and AI algorithms. Zeevi was the Co-founder and CEO of SircleIT, an online Q&A forum for social and enterprise networks. During college he co-founded and was the first president of the Technion Investment Finance Club. Throw his leadership the IFC became the largest student interest organization at Technion with bi-weekly meeting that consistently attract over 200 people and the participation of top Israeli finance houses. Zeevi is a Grinblat Scholar in performance research and has a diverse background in operations issues from an internship at Applied Materials in Silicon Valley and from his leadership in the Call Center of the IEC and the Israeli Defense Force. Zeevi was the lead TA for 7 different undergraduate finance courses and 2 MBA courses, therefore he was invited to help create the first Technion Financial Laboratory.