Yonina Eisenberg

Are You Ready to Manage Your Company’s Big Data?

You’ve probably heard about big data – it’s a term that people are throwing around a lot these days to refer to the huge amount, diversity, and complexity of information that you  produce every day in a mix of structured and unstructured data. Big data is everywhere and can help organizations immensely; but you have to know how to manage big data in order to fully exploit it.

With so much data and so many different kinds of data, you now have much more information at your fingertips than ever before. You have the ability to gain more insight into what your customers and clients want, what is and isn’t working, and you can thereby make better and more informed decisions for your company. If you know how to use your company’s big data effectively, you can be more innovative and more successful.

All of the things that make big data so great, though, are also the reasons why it is undoubtedly one of the largest challenges facing companies in this age of technology. For starters, big data is literally big: it takes up a lot of space, and there’s not enough room on regular computers or company databases to store all of the information. This is why the cloud has come into play: the cloud is a concept that is dedicated to storing all of the data on external servers so that you don’t have to worry about having it all on your company’s premises.

But storage is only the first part of the challenge that big data presents. Once you have a place to store big data, you still have to be able to sort through it. The amount of information is constantly growing, so you need to be able to support real time analytics of the data in order to make sure that no important piece of information slips through the cracks. As Gartner, a technology research firm, puts it, the rise of big data calls for cost-effective and innovative forms of information processing so that companies can gain enhanced insight.

Senexx SolvePath addresses these challenges within the context of an enterprise. As a cloud-based software that engages in big data information processing, Senexx SolvePath allows employees to sort through the vast amount of information involved in their company to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. This allows employees to do their jobs effectively by giving them quick and easy access to as much knowledge and information as possible.

Gartner predicts that 4.4 million jobs will be created around big data by the year 2015. Clearly, the concept of big data is important and is not going anywhere in the near future. Companies today have to know how to use big data to its fullest potential in order to benefit the organization as much as possible.

Face the challenges of big data head on by making sure that your company is equipped with the talent to deal with big data. By being able to manage your company’s ever-increasing amount of data, you will be ready to compete with other companies in today’s business world.