Jared Root

Announcing Leaderboards and Two Other New Features

The Senexx team has been working hard to better suit Senexx users and has again created more helpful features for SolvePath. Three new features have been created in an effort to make SolvePath more effective than it already was. Learn about the new features in the following paragraphs.

Reply to a reply

Previously many users could write responses to a question however the responses were just listed under the question. Now, users can respond to specific responses. So, if a user wants to respond to an answer they can respond to a specific answer rather than just responding to the whole question.  This feature helps users better clarify who they are responding too and helps make SolvePath easier to understand and follow.


More extensive SolvePath leaderboard

The SolvePath leaderboard now allows you to see more than the top 5 users from the previous week. Now, you can see the rank of all the users including yourself from the previous week. Also, an all time leaderboard has been added that allows users to see all the users of SolvePath and their place on the leaderboard for the whole duration of their SolvePath usage. This new feature is helpful because it gives a more extensive list as to who the best contributors are and also allows all users to know where they are on the leaderboard relative to their coworkers.

Ability to now view more than one answer on the SolvePath news feed

Previously, only one answer to a question could be seen on the news feed and you would have to click on the question to view more responses. However, now users are able to expand the responses such that all the responses can be seen on the news feed. This is a very convenient addition that helps save time for users.


Hopefully these new features will be of great use for all of the users of SolvePath. Our goal is to make our users have the best experience with SolvePath that is possible. Feedback is as always encouraged. At Senexx we do our best to meet the needs and fulfill all the requests of our users.