Jason Shechtman

Announcing 4 New Features On SolvePath

When new software is released, there are always adjustments you can make to improve it. At Senexx, we spend countless hours finding ways to improve our platform. Between the customer feedback, and our remarkable development crew, we have just released 4 new features to Solvepath, making it more user-friendly and efficient.


Rich Content Question Editor – Similar to the answer box, from now on you are able to use rich content for your questions including: formulas, symbols and more. This allows the user to ask any question without restrictions. Creating tables, adding headings, or highlights make it easy to really get a point across.

Inline People Mentions In Answers – You can now mention a specific colleague in the body of your reply by using the ‘@’ sign, similar to the question box.



Question Stats – You will now be able to view, from every question filter, how many answers, followers, and likes the question receives. Also a green mark will indicate that the question has an answer that has been approved.


Personal Navigation – In the upper menu you will now notice your own personal navigation bar. You can reach your question inbox, your favorite questions and all the questions you have contributed an answer too with one click. Think of it as your inbox for questions and answers.

We are always trying to create the most simple yet complex products. We strive to make something extremely user-friendly, but pack in more than enough power and capabilities for the advanced users. Senexx will continue to work hard and add more features to make your job easier.