Yonina Eisenberg

10 Twitter Pages to Follow if You Care About Knowledge Management

Twitter is arguably the most fast-paced social network in existence, making it a great tool through which to get the latest news and updates in virtually any industry. For anyone interested in what is going on in the knowledge management world, here are several Twitter pages you should follow:

Name: weknowmore
Twitter ID: @weknowmore
Followers: 17,157
Summary: Knowledge Management for Individuals, Networks and Organizations. #KM #KMers #innovation #education #cmgr.
Name: APQC
Twitter ID: @APQC
Followers: 3,162
Summary: One of the world’s leading proponents of knowledge management, benchmarking, and best practice business research. Make best practices your practices.
Name: knowledgetank
Twitter ID: @ knowledgetank
Followers: 3,079
Summary: Feeding the best knowledge management blogs to Twitter. Served by @weknowmore #KM #KMers.
Name: KMWorld Magazine
Twitter ID: @KMWorldMagazine
Followers: 2,521
Summary: Covering the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management.
Name: Stan Garfield
Twitter ID: @stangarfield
Followers: 2,312
Summary: Knowledge manager, communities of practice evangelist, community facilitator, social business practitioner, writer, presenter, and leader.
Name: Managing Knowledge?
Twitter ID: @KnowledgeBoss
Followers: 2,266
Summary: Sharing knowledge and collaborating? Get news from the Boss.
Name: Chris Collison
Twitter ID: @chris_collison
Followers: 1,186
Summary: Author, Advisor, Consultant, Coach in Knowledge Management (#km) and Organizational Learning.
Name: KM Education Hub
Twitter ID: @KMeducation
Followers: 941
Summary: Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide.
Name: KMWorld
Twitter ID: @KMWorld
Followers: 681
Summary: KMWorld serves the Content, Document, and Knowledge Management markets by providing actionable information and in-depth analysis.
Name: jschunter
Twitter ID: @jschunter
Followers: 599
Summary: KM Specialist at @UNDP interested in knowledge management (#KM), #development cooperation, organizational change, #ICT4D, #socialmedia and enterprise 2.0.


Each of these Twitter personas consistently contributes engaging news, articles, trends, and thoughts on knowledge management. If you care about managing your company’s knowledge, you should take advantage of this constant and easily accessible flood of information that these thought leaders provide. If you do, then you and your company are more likely to effectively incorporate knowledge management practices into your office’s day-to-day routine.